Druids of the Nile Book

Druids of the Nile Book - Nemuer-in-mythology
Nemuer in mythology

Druids of the Nile book is the basis for Nemuer’s universe full of dark fantasy, eerie dreams, and lovecraftian mystical atmosphere.

The upcoming book is inspired by historical and mythological events and persons. It touches the ancient civilizations such as ancient Egyptians, Babylonians, and Celts, but it also reaches much further to the past. The book is directly interconnected with Nemuer’s music and it is deeply rooted in mythology.

“It is hard to categorize the book, but I would say it is a dark fantasy pseudo-historical novel with elements of horror and psychology. What is it about? The main character is an ambitious enthusiastic ancient Egyptian who eventually becomes more than a human being. He gets in touch with the ancient gods and is able to do outstanding things such as time travel, but he soon finds out that everything has its price.