Nemuer [ne-moo-er] is a dark pagan folk project from Czech Republic, formed in 2014 and focusing on atmospheric/eerie compositions inspired from mythological themes. In order to keep the atmosphere utterly immersive, they use solely authentic dead languages or lyricless primordial chanting.

Nemuer concerts are performed as rituals. They include throat singing and overtones, hypnotic rhythms of drums, ancient instruments, fog, dark drones, candles, and video projections.
The project has never been about music only. They create a hypnotic, transcendent experience that combines art with ancient mysticism.

The project Nemuer is rooted in ancient Egyptian, Babylonian, Mayan, and Norse mythology.


KatarĂ­na PomorskĂĄ

hammered dulcimer, shaman drum, vocals, jaw harp, electric guitar, djembe, duclar

Michael Zann

bass tagelharpa, electric guitar, ancient Egyptian harp, vocals (including throat singing and overtones), composition

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Nemuer is available for film or game music composition and recording as well as for live performances.

Contact Michael Zann (Krca) on +420 736 445 300