Welcome to the world of dark fantasy, eerie dreams, and mystical atmosphere!


nemuer promoNemuer [ne-moo-er] is an atmospheric dark folk duo from the Czech Republic.
Since 2014 Michael Zann and Katarina Pomorska’s main aim has been to immerse the listeners into the world of dark fantasy, eerie dreams, and mystical atmosphere.
Nemuer’s experimental music features grim captivating tones of acoustic guitar, primordial chanting, female soprano, traditional and unique instruments, and unusual harmonies.
Their two recent albums from the upcoming octalogy are interconnected with the dark fantasy novel Michael is currently working on. Each album corresponds to one chapter of the book, woven together they create a singularly intense experience.
The project Nemuer is rooted in ancient Egyptian, Babylonian, Mayan, and Norse mythology.


Katarína Pomorská

vocals, jaw harp, djembe, shaman drum, duclar

Michael Zann

acoustic guitar, ancient Egyptian harp, vocals (primordial chanting, throat singing, overtones), composition

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Nemuer is available for film or game music composition and recording as well as for live performances.

Contact Michael Zann (Krca) on +420 736 445 300