NEMUER Recording An Ancient Egyptian Album!

Teamed up with egyptologists and artist Klara Sedlo they will bring the Book of the Dead back to life.

𓏱 Apart from playing and recording the historical instruments, Nemuer will also sing in this dead language with a brand new reconstructed pronunciation. Thanks to a renowned egyptologist Dr Christian de Vartavan, listeners will for the very first time hear how it actually sounded. The art for the film and album’s cover will be heavily inspired by the original Ancient Egyptian imagery and mythological themes.

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Nemuer 2020

Throat singing and overtones, hypnotic rhythms of percussion, ancient instruments and dead languages, but, above all, a hauntingly dark atmosphere like a fog in a forest bog. That is how Nemuer’s concerts, unique rituals, take their listeners on an unforgettable journey through time and fantasy.

Nemuer is an ambient folk project formed by the Czech composer, multi-instrumentalist, and magic practitioner Michael Zann. His great passion for music, paganism, history, but also occultism has allowed him to capture something deep and ancient within us that touches listeners all around the world.

The project has never been about music only. Nemuer creates a hypnotic, transcendent experience that combines art with ancient mysticism.


KatarĂ­na PomorskĂĄ

hammered dulcimer, shaman drum, vocals, jaw harp, electric guitar, djembe, duclar

Michael Zann

bass tagelharpa, electric guitar, ancient Egyptian harp, vocals (including throat singing and overtones), composition

Alex Pantea

Davul drum, vocals

Martin Kopl

Live samples, programming



Nemuer is available for film or game music composition and recording as well as for live performances.

Contact Michael Zann (Krca) on +420 736 445 300