Chapter VII: Irenthoth’s Dream (Nemuer Fullmoon Blog #3)

Chapter VII: Irenthoth’s Dream (Nemuer Fullmoon Blog #3)

What is Irenthoth’s Dream album about, what is its meaning, how and why it came to existence, and who is Irenthoth?

I (Michael) will try to discuss these questions while avoiding spoilers regarding the book as best as I can.

Book? Yes, Nemuer’s music is the official soundtrack for my upcoming fantasy book. Each album corresponds to one chapter of the book.


Although we think music do not necessarily have to have a given definite meaning, we know you would like to know more about our debut album. I think it could lose some of its magic if explained to much in detail and it is best for everybody to find its meaning by themselves. Last but not the least, there are certain hidden small things in the book and in the music as well that I simply cannot reveal and deprive you of finding out yourself.

What I can do, though, is to give you a decent background that can help you understand or arise your own ideas.


Irenthoth's Dream AlbumAlthough many of our listeners connect this album to nordic or pagan music, it is essentially set in ancient Maya empire. One of the important things for this civilization is their perception of time that is similar to most of the ancient people and very different to ours. It is known that it was common to perceive time in repeating circles not as a line.

Every single track corresponds to a scene, object, or thought in the book. The album does not cover the entire story but only a selected part of it. Without saying too much I can only reveal it is set in the very “Forgotten Mountain”.


1The album features several ethnic instruments: jaw harp, didgeridoo, djembe, and udu. Deliberately there are no recognizable words, and I produce sounds we call “primordial chanting”. This vocal style enhances the tribal feeling of it, since we perceive it as a link to a distant past; it also gives us space to express the unutterable–the ancient gods’ will and presence.

Acoustic guitar, the core of the entire album, represents here a certain out-of-place artifact (instrument from a different time period). It is the storyteller’s main instrument.

The whole album is a journey constantly jumping between shamanic and dreamy experience.

Creative Process

irenthoth's dream recording
Irenthoth’s Dream recording at Studio Plesna, Czech Republic 2014

While some tracks had their basis a long time ago, even before I started thinking about the book (Forgotten Mountain, On The Run), others were created within a very short time in a spontaneous outburst of my creative energy and unexpressed feelings (Red Moon, Under The Tree of Memories). But they all evolved and formed to fit perfectly to the theme eventually. There was no struggle in that, it was a natural process. Some parts (mostly vocals) were created during the recording session with Jan Petrik.

“End of the World” track played a very special role in the album making and Nemuer’s direction in general. It was the newest and the most surprising track that gave the whole album and Nemuer its identity. I composed it shortly after I returned from my stay in the Northern Finland. In fact, back there I started spontaneously composing a new track that did not fit 1st nor 2nd album, but helped me to develop our style and vocal techniques. And that very technique was used in the “End of the World” track. It struck me as a great idea to use the same chords as in the opening track “Forgotten Mountain” to close the circle but close it with vigour and certain divine ferocity.

Our very first concert and celebration of the debut album release. Czech Republic, Brno, Cajovna u Zeleneho Listku

Why did we make the album? I never really felt like I had a choice. It came to me as a need more than anything else. I knew there was something strange, oddly interesting about it, and I loved it. I did not expect many people would appreciate it, but I admit I hoped there would be some. And indeed there were and there are!


And who is this mysterious Irenthoth? He is one of the main and oldest characters from my upcoming book. I regret to tell you I cannot tell you more at this moment. Join our newsletter on the right and get notified when the book is released to be among the firsts who will read it.

Nemuer’s Origin, Meaning, And Message (Nemuer Fullmoon Blog #2)

Nemuer’s Origin, Meaning, And Message (Nemuer Fullmoon Blog #2)

What is Nemuer? How did Nemuer come to existence and what is Nemuer’s origin? What is the meaning of the word and the project Nemuer? In this volume of our fullmoon blog, we are going to answer all of those questions.

What is Nemuer?

nemuer-bullNemuer is an atmospheric dark folk duo from the Czech Republic founded by Michael Mist and Katarina Pomorská. Since 2014 we have been making music based on minimalism and strong immersive atmosphere of the mystical dreamy fantasy world with grim yet melancholic feeling. It is directly interconnected with Michael’s upcoming book.

Grim captivating tones of acoustic guitar, primordial chanting, female soprano, traditional and unique instruments, and unusual harmonies. It all deepens the fantastic experience from the novel, and the novel deepens the experience from the music.

Nemuer’s Origin

Michael Mist

Having background in manifold genres ranging from classical music, jazz, and funky to death metal, Michael had many ideas concerning the music very early on. But just when Katarína joined him and the connection with his book started making sense, Nemuer’s concept along with a whole new music genre was formed.

Hence all the mystical thoughts and feelings could finally blend together into one cohesive and utmost fulfilling form.

Druids of the Nile Book - Nemuer-in-mythology
Nemuer in mythology

What is the meaning of the word Nemuer?

Nemuer, also called Merwer or Mnevis (Greek), is the name of a sacred ancient Egyptian bull deity worshipped at Iunu (Greek Heliopolis, the city of the Sun).

The Bull of Iunu was already mentioned in the Pyramid Texts. According to the Coffin Texts he has been helping dead people to get into Heaven.

He was associated with Re and Atum, as their ba – the spokesman, the messenger. His role was to be the mediator between the sun god and humans (like Hermes in ancient Greece).

What is Nemuer’s Message?

Katarína Pomorská

By connecting the book with music (one music album per each chapter) we strive to immerse the listeners into the world of dark fantasy, eerie dreams, and mystical atmosphere and give them a singularly intense experience.

Our music is not only about the specific stories from the book though! It is as much as important to emphasize that its real power lies in an endless range of interpretations that varies from person to person. In different people it arises different emotions and thoughts. While for some people it brings seemingly forgotten memories of distant dreams, it helps others in their creative work. Some of our listeners told us it helps them think, as it is so relaxing, while others find our music too dramatic or melancholic to fully relax.

nemuer promo picture 2015Sometimes we come across to total lack of understanding. Some people even feel uneasy when listening to our music. We can only assume that it is because they are not used to be alone with themselves and their own mind. Because after all, it is where our work ultimately leads us–to our inner self, be that by reviving old dreams or by arising new ideas.

We love everything that feels unusual, strange or in a way transcending, and we want to share it with you!

Do not spend much time trying to understand it.

Just listen and immerse in the atmosphere together with us!

If you have not read it yet, check out our previous full-moon blog post How did atmospheric dark folk come into existence?.

Next fullmoon blog post is “scheduled” for January 2017.