Digital Death and Resurrection

Digital Death and Resurrection

For many independent musicians digital obscurity can be critical. Apart from obvious reasons such as that our music will not get to the people who would have enjoyed it tremendously, it can be also very discouraging merely not to see any feedback.

Although we think that making art, music, or really anything creative should feel fulfilling just by doing it, it is inevitable to see how others see us if we want to spread the word about our project, and having feedback will inexorably help us advance.

Without being visible online, it might be also difficult to get visible in person. It is no big surprise that if you want to perform in another country or city, the organizers will prefer having somebody known at least digitally.

Nemuer’s Digital Death

As you might have noticed, Nemuer’s Facebook page seems to be more dead than it was a year ago. The reason for that is not only insufficient amount of interesting content, but also a critical change in the aforementioned social network system. This change have affected everybody and caused that posts no longer get to be seen by majority of fans. It is a clever move from Facebook, because it also offers paid “solution” in form of boosting posts. You must have noticed that plenty of interesting posts get to you with delay or sometimes not at all. Do you not think it is a shame?

Our second album Labyrinth of Druids, released December 2015.

It has been a while since we shared some news about Nemuer, but it was not because we would be passive! On the contrary, a lot of new material have been composed since the Labyrinth of Druids album was released, and we have now much better idea and understanding about where we are heading and what we want to deliver to you.

Why Should Nemuer Get Resurrected?

The simple reason is that in order to share our music with other people, we cannot be totally obscure. It is not a top secret that the music we create is very far from mainstream and we do not have any publisher. We are independent musicians, and we create what feels good and intense. All we want is to get you immersed in our world of dark fantasy, eerie dreams,  and mystical atmosphere regardless of whether it is for escaping the reality, relaxation, drowning in melancholy, or just to experience something that feels unusual.

Nemuer have so far released two albums from upcoming octology and we already have material for more. But in order to continue, we need your support.

Do you want our genuine independent atmospheric music to stay obscure, or do you want to help us out a bit to keep us going?

What can we do?

Full Moon Blognemuer-full-moon-blog

We have decided to start writing a blog and this way to tell you more about us and the work we create. Nemuer would like to cover some “behind the scenes” content, answer your questions, and reveal a part of ourselves. We will give you such posts every full-moon! So the next time it will be the 14th of November!

We are also going to update our Facebook, Twitter, and Google Plus more often (=daily). You can look forward to posts soaked in with dark fantasy atmosphere.

What can you do to help us?

Even though we can fill the Internet with super interesting new content, it is futile if you do not collaborate.
This applies especially to Facebook. Since our fans do not like, share, or comment our posts, Facebook decided our posts are not interesting enough.
And then it stops showing them, and it gets only to a minority of our fans.

If you really want to support Nemuer, apart from purchasing our albums, you can help us to get resurrected digitally in the following way:

  • subscribe to our email newsletter (apart from free MP3 you will receive only the most relevant and important news).
  • check out this website and our blog weekly
  • interact with us on social sites like Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, etc. Any kind of activity from your side is well appreciated (comment, share, like). Especially comments are very powerful.

Last but not the least, if you have any questions regarding Nemuer, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Enjoy our music and immerse in the atmosphere!

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